Dear Valued Patients

The clinic is still closed for now but we are hoping to re-open around July. Therefore we are still operating a home visiting service, but from Today Monday 1st June 2020 the restrictions are easing, this means that we can see more patients with more conditions and not just emergencies.

However in order to keep everyone safe we are following all government and college of Podiatry etc guidelines on PPE and Health and Safety. During a visit the Podiatrist or practitioner will wear Medically approved N99 masks, Face shields, Disposable gloves and aprons and clean uniforms. All our equipment is cleaned with hospital grade anti-microbial agents effective against Covid-19 within 60 seconds. Instruments and other consumables such as dressings and paddings are disposable items and we place them in clinical waste bags and sharps bins which are chemically treated and incinerated after each use.

We follow 4 main criteria for booking appointments:

a) That you and any partners/family members are no showing any symptoms of the corona virus.
b) That you simply can not manage you own foot or health problem including an infection, and in some considerable discomfort or pain.
c) That you are in the high risk category, but your problem cannot be left because it is deemed to be a progressive condition or problem that needs constant management.
d) That we are able to see you on your own without any other household members present in the room. This is in order to maintain the social distancing rules.

We will not see you if you are covid-19 positive, or think you have a persistent cough, fever and breathlessness and are self isolating.

Should the case arise that you are unsure of what to do you can either Skype or Zoom me for a short consultation. Sadly I am unable to give free consultations, and in order to keep the business going, charges will be very reasonable: £20 for a 15 minute or £25 for a 30 minute consultation, we are able to take mobile payments by card or alternatively by bank transfer.
To Skype me call Coleman Vine email is [email protected]
or Zoom me on [email protected]

Home visits will be charged at our normal rates:
£40 for Borehamwood and up to 2 miles radius.
Any visits outside this distance will be charged on distance, please call for advice.

For more information on steps you can take to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, please visit the Department of Health & Social Care website.

Thank you for all your support in keeping one another safe:
Martin and Lisa Vine